A little about us!

We are Mutari Chocolate.  We come from the hospitality world.  We've been grinding it out in some of the country's and world’s best kitchens, and helping form food movements that have transformed and shaped the very way we look at how our food is grown and produced in this country.  We have no formal training, just an unending quest for unattainable perfection through repetition and dedication to our craft.  We move through our lives with the ideals of treating our farmers with respect and with integrity while aiding in any way possible to help he or she become sustainable and profitable.  Without the amazing farmers that grow all our food around the globe we would have nothing.  Is there a way that we can help the farmers become self sustaining?  Can Mutari Chocolate become a player for change?  Can Mutari Chocolate help in removing cacao from the commodity market?  To be honest, we are not sure.  It's the small steps towards a common goal that we are hoping Mutari Chocolate can move outside the boundaries and limitations of a small business and utilize our products, technology and a fair and balanced for-profit-model to make a difference in the global market-place.